Friday, May 20, 2011

Body Language analysis: Obama is cold and distant, Netanyahu is stressed and emotional

(translated from Gabriel Thunder, an expert on body language analysis analyzes the behavior of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Barack Obama after the smeeting held this evening at the White House.

What can be said about Obama's body language?
While Obama made hi statement, Netanyahu is very careful to be attentive, shaking his head, expressive, however is characterized by restlessness, we can see where the pressure is given by replacing the hand position poses, sipping of a glass of water frequently.

And what about Obama himself? No bit of warmth or closeness of the relationship towards Netanyahu. The U.S. president is careful not to speak directly the prime minister, but the press audience. Occasionally he turns direct at Netanyahu. This behavior indicates Obama's contempt and disrespect for Netanyahu.

You can summarize by saying that what Obama presents outwardly appears to be more friendly than he feels inside.

What can be said about Netanyahu's body language?
Unlike Obama's expressionless face, Netanyahu opened his statement with a smile, he turns to Obama and a addressed him personally in an emotionally charged tone, with treated efforts and honesty expressed in the turbulent gestures.

Obama listening to Netanyahu is sitting passively aggressive. His right hand creates a barrier between him and Netanyahu, the palm of his hand supporting his head (as if to say:''I have no power to it'') and partly covering the mouth (and in fact says:''I have a lot to say about what you just said, but I prefer not to disclose It now''). His left hand is expanding his territory and it transmits a position of power and control during Netanyahu's remarks.

Overall, Obama sits frozen, rigid, unresponsive to Netanyahu at all, this shows a complete lack of attitude to what Netanyahu is saying.

In conclusion we can say that the language of the two bodies is a very unbalanced equation. While Obama is cold, detached, distant, rigid, passive, Netanyahu himself is trying hard, he's even excited, in his attempt to go beyond Obama's iron mask.