Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Interview: Sgt. Russell Gallo, a local Republican leader on the Bibi Report Radio show

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On the Bibi Report radio show May 2, 2011, Jacob Kornbluh interviewed Russell Gallo from Brooklyn NY , Russell has been serving this nation for over 14 years, Russell has served in the Army (where he was an MP in Iraq in 2004-2005) and current holds the rank of Sergeant First Class in the National Guard, where he remains on active duty, Since 2005, he has been elected the Male District Leader for the 47th Assembly District. Russell is also currently co-host of "Brooklyn GOP Radio", an innovative internet radio show, and the President of the newly launched Brooklyn Young Republican club (http://www.brooklynYRs.com).

Jacob: What was your feeling and reaction at the very first moment u heard this breaking news?

Russell: I was ecstatic, shocked at first, and just like the President said, at that moment, we are all Americans, that is my president, I couldn’t of been more proud of my President and the United States military at that moment.

J: Do you think this unity shared by the American public will continue, or wade as the days go by?
R: Absolutely not, its going to be over in the next few hours, 9/11 it lasted a few weeks, after 9/11 maybe a few months, but this is going to last even less. The Economy is a huge issue, and after a few weeks it will be back at the forfront.

Its ridicules to say that Obama earned his second term last night, Because Bush 41 approval rating was 90 percent after the Gulf war with Iraq in 1991, and he lost, why? Because of the Economy, so the commentators on the news that say Obama just won a second term, that’s very premature at best.

J: How much of an impact has the killing of Osama bin laden on his terror group al Qaeda?
R: I wouldn’t want to be the guy that is going to take the lead of Al Qaeda next, The Us has done a terrific job starting with George Bush and pretty much carrying on to President Obama, If you declare yourself as leader of Al Qaeda and a enemy to the united States, We are coming to get you.

J: Some commentators on CNN and ABC suggested that this is an end to an era, the war on terror is over, the US should start considering pulling the troops back home from Afghanistan, do u see such a challenge coming to the table of Obama?
R: Unfortunately, politics plays a huge role in this, President Obama campaigned on the fact that he will pull out of Iraq and so on in Afghanistan, to date he has not done either, as a matter of fact he added more soldiers into the war in Afghanistan over the past two years, so I think he may use this as a reason to start drawing down in Afghanistan. Do I think that’s the right way to go, absolutely not!

I was speaking to some young soldiers who just joined the military last week, they were 18 years old, when 9/11 happened they were 8 years old, so they don’t even know who this Osama bin Laden guy is, they just know it from stories, so to say the War on terror closed a chapter that’s also premature, The enemy is still out there, what we did is just kill one rat in the subway system, there are millions more out there, we got to stay vigilant on this war on Terror.

J: I want to bring out another point and get your take on that, I made some research, it appears that Bin Laden began forming his network in 1979, when he went to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets alongside Afghan resistance fighters known as the mujahedeen. 
He used his family's connections and wealth to raise money for the Afghan resistance and provide the mujahedeen with logistical and humanitarian aid, and participated in several battles in the Afghan war. 
As the war with the Soviets drew to a close, bin Laden formed al Qaeda, an organization of ex-mujahedeen and other supporters channeling fighters and funds to the Afghan resistance, form a government that is against western values, Bin Laden's anger with the United States stems from the 1990 decision by Saudi Arabia to allow the U.S. to stage attacks on Iraqi forces in Kuwait and Iraq. After the U.S. victory, the U.S. military presence became permanent. In 1996, bin Laden issued a "fatwah," a religious ruling urging Muslims to kill U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia and Somalia. 
So the truth is that al Qaeda and the legacy of Bin Laden is not only a resistance against the US or its allies, but a war and resistance against western values, and therefore the war must continue to go on, defending individual right and worlds freedom.
R: That was a brilliant recap, the left in the past has used the narrative that you have just laid out, to say that the United States actually created Osama Bin Laden, which could not be further from the Truth - The enemy of the enemy of my friend, at that point the Soviet union was the Real enemy, so we had to support the Mujahedeen against the Soviets and the Communists, the similar situation to Iraq where we supported Saddam Hussein against the Iranians, and then years Later Saddam Hussein got out of control and we had to take him out.
J: President Bush included in his post 9/11 speech the 3 axis of evil, now that the head of this snake is crushed, do u see the US admininiatration continuing the hunt after the terrorist groups, those who harbor them, support and sponsor them ? and I will give you a hint, Iran, Syria.
R: I don’t see this administration expanding the War on Terror, they are doing a excellent job at carrying out the bush policies, The surge of Afghanistan, we are still in Iraq, there is an aggressive use of drones in Pakistan and Yemen, But it pretty mush Bush’s policies, now as far as to expand into Iran, Syria, I don’t see this administration doing that.
J: Putting politics aside as I did, the question is for how long? And aren’t the Dems going to use this for their advantage? 
R: It’s only going to last a few days, I really believe they are going to try to use it, but like one of our 2008 Presidential candidates , Rudy Giuliani, he got lambasted on most TV shows and SNL, because every word out of his mouth was “9-11”, if the democrats attempt to use this as apolitical vehicle in the next election, I believe that same thing will happen to them.
Its impossible to have more than 8 percent unemployment, and get reelected, No American President in the USA history has had a unemployment rate of over 8 percent and been reelected to a second term.

A lot of people say they are happy about this, but the Far left is not happy, they believe in trails, and it was reported in some news agencies that there was no mission to capture Osama bin Laden alive, the mission was to kill him, and the far left which is his base has serious issues with that, they wanted a trail, they wanted this guy brought back alive.

I’m going to go a step further and give Obama even more credit, I don’t think any other American President put ground forces into a sovereign nation without their approval, so I’m going to give the president a lot more credit than most of the people, and as I watched the news and listened to the radio, most Republicans are willing to give Obama more credit than Bush would of gotten in a reverse situation.

So Politics aside, I think the president did a terrific job, he deserves lots of credit, and it took a lot of guts to do what he did, and to authorize what he did, so I give him credit.

It hard to say that Osama bin Laden only represents a small fringe, I’m reading the news, and seeing the Hamas condemned the killing of a holy warrior, I mean that is the government of a supposed nation trying to get formed in the middle east, calling bin Laden a holy Warrior, so Bin Laden doesn’t only represent a small fringe, Iran is a serious threat, Syria is a serious threat, Hamas is obviously a serious threat, to all the free people of the World.