Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Netanyahu's Peace initiative/ Give me Iran, I give You Palestine

Ari Shavit describes Netanyahu's situation in written column in Haaretz:

“When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks around, he sees a world gone mad. The United States undermines Hosni Mubarak's Egypt but stands by idly as Bashar Assad's Syria murders its citizens. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is attacking Muammar Gadhafi, but it is not lifting a finger against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (who is building a bomb ). The United States is systematically sabotaging its own interests and shooting its bodyguards in the head. Europe is acting in a confused and childish way.

The entire world will follow the things he says before the two houses of Congress in Washington. For Netanyahu, May 24, 2011, will be a day of to be or not to be. If he does not make a clear and decisive statement on the Palestinian issue, no one will listen to anything else he has to say. If he does not restore to himself the diplomatic credit he has lost, he will not be able to act like a leader in any area. Nor will he survive….”.

Tough luck, so what is to be done, what is the magic stick, the winning argument for netanyahu, and the step forward to to end this conflict?

if I were the Prime Minister, and i hope that will be Netanyahu’s plan too, this is what I wud say in my Congress speech later this month:

Despite all of the obstacles, Israel is ready and is willing to sacrifice and compromise a lot in order to create conditions for the emergence of, at the very least, a more autonomous Palestinian entity, more independent, on the one condition, that in order to prevent a playover of hamas taking over control of the future Palestinian state, the World led by the US must act accordance in a way to neutralize the Iranian threat, now and for good, once the main sponsor of terrorism, the Patron of the Hamas, is neutralized, (Hamas and Hezbollah wont exist a day longer without the support of the ayatollah regime in Iran), Israel will be ready to withdraw its settlers from beyond the security fence, annex the large settlement blocs to Israel, and whatever solution to all of the core issues of the long ongoing Palestinian conflict.

The deal must be clear, land for peace, not rockets for peace, terror for peace, slashing throats for peace, UN condemnations for peace, but Peace, peace that enables both people living side by side with mutual recognition in peace and security.

“The only peace that will endure is a peace that can be defended” said Netanyahu as deputy fm in 1990.

This is the only way Netanyahu can compromise with the support of the Israeli public, one in proposing a far reaching deal with the Palestinians if and when they decide to renew diplomatic peace negotiations with Israel, to break the isolation of Israel in the intel community, brush off pressure and imposing settlement deals, help Israel retrieve a moral standing in the eyes of the world, and second, by removing the main obstacle to peace in the region, world peace and freedom.

Israel cant do it alone, and now more then ever, it’s the duty of those who love peace, who promote peace and who stand up for human rights, democracy, freedom and liberty, 2 see that Israelis & Palestinians 2gether overcome the boundaries, and constraints towards peace, a genuine, viable secure peace, that secures Israel’s borders and land, and offers equal opportunities for the future generations of both people..

Netanyahu is willing and able politically to take this bold move, and be the leader in this historic moment, if and when the international community will rising to the occasion, seizing the opportunity, creating the conditions, and breathing space for Israel to actually take these steps without fearing rocket and terrorist attacks, and a unknown stable peace partner on the other side, and we all know what action is required, and that is only by using military power against Iran that will do the job not only destroying the multiple nuclear facilities, but also in removing the Iranian influence in the region, and dismantling its proxies from its deadly weapons and intentions.

Bibi must place the ball in the international community’s court and say: Tear down that wall, remove that barriers to peace, dismantle the evil forces, destroy the exis of evil and then peace will be possible, our prayers for peace will be heard, and our dream for peace will be fulfilled.