Monday, May 30, 2011

The Bibi Report Radio show - Obama, Netanyahu and 1967 - The Strength of the US-Israel Relationship

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Benjamin Netanyahu stood his ground in Washington Dc, it was the message of strength, and standing on Israel’s best interest, The unvarnished truth, yes ,the truth that sometimes hurts to be heard, was heard loud and clear in the World, as much as Israel wants peace, strives for peace and commits to peace, it will not give up on its defense and survival.

Without looking to score points, Netanyahu won the argument, getting the support of both aisles in the House, even the Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid, Bibi succeeded in getting through the message, because he spoke American, I would say that he is the only considered Republican that came across as a bi partisan leader in unifying America behind his message ,the message of freedom and liberty, because of the strong ties and relationship between the two peoples.

As Netanyahu pointed out on Sunday at the weekly cabinet meeting:
The American nation is a great and strong friend of the State of Israel. There are some who do not understand the strength of this connection… It does not stem – as more than a few people wrote during and after the visit – from this or that small segment. Neither does it stem solely from evangelist support. Jews and believing Christians do exist but the support, as very, very important commentators wrote, is much more sweeping, vis-à-vis the American people's solidarity with the State of Israel. Somebody wrote that, 'Israel is an American value,' and I think that there is much truth in this.”

“The American support is a very, very important asset for the State of Israel and I think that it is also important that the world sees this".

The success of Netanyahu's US Tour, is not a personal victory, it’s an indication that the US - Israel relations are greater than individuals or policies.

And Israel must always remain a bi partisan issue, speak in one voice in defense of Israel, the only thing I do expect from the Republican presidential contenders is to offer alternatives to the current policies that should match the Israeli gov’t policies regarding the Middle East conflict.

Israel and America not only share the same enemy and fight the same wars, but share the common values of Freedom and liberty, and therefore Israel is not the 51st State, but the Flesh, Blood and bones of America, its One.