Sunday, May 1, 2011

Netanyahu: We can't leave our fate in the hands of others

Netanyahu speaking at the state official Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony at Yad Vashem, says "threats against us can't be swept aside".

In his speech, Netanyahu asked the nation to walk away with three important lessons from the Holocaust, that should act as a "guide" for the Jewish people.
"The first lesson, is If someone threatens to destroy us, we should not ignore it or diminish it."

"Has the world understood this? I doubt it. We cannot just think that the threats of Holocaust are over. We have new threatening forces today. They call for our destruction."

"Many in the world, at least in the enlightened world, treat the memory of the Holocaust respectfully and seriously,that attitude, however, recalls generals preparing for the previous war."

"It seems easier for the world to discuss the lessons of the past than implement those to the present and the future, the Jewish people mustn't ignore the Holocaust's lessons today."

"Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas - they call for the destruction of the Jewish people, All of those who said they have learned the lessons of the Holocaust, they need to condemn, in a clear way, those who call for the destruction of the Jewish state. The world has not done this. These threats against us, we cannot sweep them aside."

"The threat to our existence isn't a theoretical one, it cannot be minimized, it stands before us, before all of humanity, and it must be stopped."

"The second lesson was the duty to reveal the face of hatred against our nation. Such hatred, grew, conquered, and impacted opinion makers and leaders in Europe before the Holocaust".

"Now this hatred is emerging again in Europe against the Jewish state".

"The last lesson is that: We can't leave our fate in the hands of others."

"Our ties with the various countries are very important to us. But if we cannot defend ourselves, the world will not do it for us. Israel is a peace-loving country, a cultured country, developed, a sea of progress in a region devoid of progress. We will stand tall against those who wish to kill us."

"It should be said here on this day to all our enemies that they should know one thing about the Jewish people – it has overcome the greatest evil humanity has ever known, and that when the people of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces say 'Never Again' they mean every word." "