Sunday, May 1, 2011

IDF chief: Army is ready to protect the Jewish people of all evil

IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Benny Gantz said Sunday that the IDF is ready to meet any threat to Israel's safe future. Speaking at a ceremony on Holocaust Remembrance Day eve in Kibbutz Tel Yizhak, Gantz said: "In the land of the Jewish people, its safe haven, the IDF stands ready and willing to protect the people of all evil."
"More than 60 years have passed since the crematoriums ceased working, and the sounds of gunfire in the scenes of mass murder became silent, But even now the Jewish people face many challenges and different enemies who aim to destroy them. That is why the IDF has a historic commitment to precede any threat and try to curb any offence to Jews anywhere and gather all forces to triumph over any conflict. "