Saturday, February 12, 2011

Republican contenders Stand up for Israel, criticize Obama's foreign policy and World view at CPAC

Republicans likely contenders for President Barack Obama in 2012, Appearing before conservatives who hold huge sway in the GOP presidential nomination fight at the annual CPAC conference in Washington DC, called Obama weak and suggested they alone possess the talents needed to beat him and lead a country in crisis.

Mitt Romney , the Only Republican leading two points over Obama – 44% to 42%. in Rasmussen Poll Feb. 7 told the audience:
"An uncertain world has been made more dangerous by the lack of clear direction from a weak President. The President who touted his personal experience as giving him special insight into foreign affairs was caught unprepared when Iranian citizens rose up against oppression. His proposed policy of engagement with Iran and North Korea won him the Nobel Peace Prize. How’s that worked out? Iran armed Hezbollah and Hamas and is rushing toward nuclear weapons. North Korea fired missiles, tested nukes, sunk a South Korean ship and shelled a South Korean island. And his “reset program” with Russia? That consisted of our President abandoning our missile defense in Poland and signing a one-sided nuclear treaty. The cause of liberty cannot endure much more of his “they get, we give” diplomacy!".
Senator John Thune of South Dakota slammed Mr. Obama’s handling of the fight against terrorism:
  “An act of terrorism is, just that, terrorism…Calling it a ‘man-caused disaster’ doesn’t change the gravity of the threat, It only makes us question this administration’s will to defeat it.”
“The threats we face abroad are great and grave, Islamic extremists, an unstable Middle East, a potentially nuclear Iran, an ascendant China with its rapidly growing military capability, and a delusional North Korea armed with nuclear weapons.”
Tim Pawlenty offered a full-throated criticism of Obama, including the president’s response to the crisis in Egypt and other foreign policy challenges:
“Mr. President, Bullies, respect strength, not weakness..with bullies, might makes right, Strength makes them submit...” 

“We undermine Israel, the U.K., Poland, the Czech Republic, and Colombia, among other friends. Meanwhile, we appease Iran, Russia, and adversaries in the Middle East, including Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood… President Obama must get tough on our enemies, not our friends.”
Rep.Allen West from Florida who gave the Keynote closing speech didnt criticize Obama but vowed to stand with Israel:
"Many cheered the departure of [Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak]--I would have much rather seen the departure of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad".
"We can never, never allow anyone to believe that our greatest ally in the Middle East - Israel--will not have this nation ready to stand with her…I shall never let Israel die."