Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Netanyahu in more positive tone: A democratic Egypt won't threaten peace with Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sounded more Positive on Wednesday, saying that if democracy prevails in Egypt then it will not pose a threat to peace with Israel.

The prime minister was speaking at a special Knesset hearing about "the failures of the Netanyahu government in political, economic, and social fields", which was called by 40 MKs who signed a petition calling for the session.

"All those who value freedom are inspired by the calls for democratic reforms in Egypt, An Egypt that will adopt these reforms will be a source of hope for the world. As much as the foundations for democracy are stronger, the foundations for peace are stronger."

"It is inevitable that an Egypt which adopts the 21st century, which adopts such reforms, is a source of great hope for the world, the region, and us."

"Democracy is dear to us, it is real, and it is obvious that a democratic Egypt will not endanger peace, just the opposite. If modern history teaches us anything it is that the stronger the democratic foundations, the stronger the foundations for peace".

"Tehran is waiting for the day in which darkness descends. They are not interested in the Egyptian citizens' aspirations for freedom, just as they were uninterested in such cries from the Iranian people," he warned.

"A peace agreement does not guarantee the existence of peace, so in order to protect it and ourselves, in cases in which the agreement disappears or is violated due to a regime change on the other side, we protect it with security arrangements on the ground".