Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Bibi Report Twitter straw poll - Netanyahu's midterm approval

As PM Netanyahu is celebrating his 2nd anniversary to the Feb. 10 2009 election victory, in which he emerged as the ultimate winner, becoming Israel's Prime Minister for the 2nd term 10 years after he left office, we launched a Twitter straw poll to let the overall public worldwide express thier satisfaction or dissatisfaction with Benjamin Netanyahu's performance as Israel's Prime Minister, based on the information, and the events in the past two years.

The Results will be discussed on The Bibi Report weekly radio Show on Monday 2/7 at 9Pm EST on Blogtalkradio:

The First Question is:
Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with Netanyahu's performance as Israeli Prime Minister?
The Second Question is:
What advice would you offer or what do you expect PM Netanyahu to do over the next 2 years?

To vote in the poll just REPLY your opinion to the @BibiReport on Twitter