Sunday, February 27, 2011

John McCain: Israel will be safer when regional turmoil is over

(AFP).Israel will enjoy greater security under democratic regimes that may ultimately emerge from the recent instability and unrest roiling the Middle East, US Senator John McCain told CNN in an interview beamed from Egypt.
"In the short-term, they are obviously less secure because of the unpredictability here and the situation is unpredictable. But in the long-run, I think they are confident they can do business better with democracies than they can with dictatorships."
The 2008 Republican presidential nominee is on a swing through the Middle East accompanied by Independent Senator Joseph Lieberman. They met with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu, among other leaders.

"There is unease because of the changes going on," Lieberman noted.

But he said Netanyahu had told them to support the democratic revolutions underway across the region, especially in Egypt, the most popular Arab nation.
"It is in our interest to support the successful transition to democracy in Egypt and throughout the Arab world, which the Egyptian people have won because we always have better, more steadfast relationships with fellow democrats in the world".