Monday, February 14, 2011

Danny Ayalon on BBC: Israel applauds Egyptians strive for democracy but cautions on outside influences

Israel is seeking "a firewall on negative forces outside Egypt," Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said during an interview with the BBC posted on their website Monday.

Speaking on the BBC radio programme, Danny Ayalon said that he applauded what the Egyptian people have been striving for. But he cautioned on outside influences on Egypt, especially from Tehran.
"We should not forget the threat that Iran poses".
Ayalon explained that the Muslim Brotherhood have influenced Lebanon, Yemen and the Palestinian Authority. He said that "the international community should be focused on this."
"Iran is very capable, through the Revolutionary Guard, of making things more difficult, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan, We want to make sure that they don't do this in Egypt too".

"We are still watching what is happening. We need to make sure that this period of transition is not abused by Iran and also by Hamas and Hezbollah".
When addressing the peace process, Ayalon called on the Palestinians "to come with good faith to the negotiating table where everything is on the table."