Thursday, February 17, 2011

Political commentator Chanan Crystal praises the Netanyahu/Barak pair

(IMRA).Political commentator Chanan Crystal is anything but a big fan of Binyamin Netanyahu. Here is a translation of his remarks today at the start of Israel Radio's Hakol Diburim program:

Chanan Crystal: I will say a word. You know, this week everyone celebrated two years since the elections. It is slightly less than two year for the government .
Recently the "B pair" - Barak, Ehud and Binyamin Netanyahu, grabbed very harsh criticism in the media and political system and a large part of it may be valid. More for Barak than Netanyahu.

The past two years were the calmest, from a security standpoint, in scores of past years.

In the light of phenomena -- how were they termed? tectonic, changes, etc., it should be assessed -- it is my assessment - that many of the critics in the media and the political system feel better and sleep better that the "B pair", Binyamin Netanyahu, Barak, Ehud, are at the helm of the government over any other team that I know -- without mentioning names. Period.