Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Netanyahu: Instability in Middle East used by negative forces to sway Democracy result

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the current instability in the Middle East may last for years, in a speech to the Knesset on Wednesday.
"We are in a period of crisis and transition, with instability, that could continue for many years, We hope for the best and hope that the Arab world and Iran will work for true democratization."

"You know that there are other options, and we need to be prepared for any situation, This preparation is more important than it was before...because this instability that we live in is already being used by negative forces that are trying to sway the result to something that none of us want."

"There are arguments in this house. Do we have a partner today? Is he ready to be stable? Will he be ready to [talk]?..There is an argument about the partner today, but there is uncertainty about finding a new partner".
The prime minister called on the opposition to "get in-tune with reality, this reality forces us to acknowledge that the region is extremely unstable."

On the backdrop of the veto placed by the United States last week over a decision to condemn Israel in the Security Council, Netanyahu mentioned a UN vote taken during Cast Lead Operation, and said: "Fourteen states voted against Israel, just like now. One state – The United States – abstained

"(At the time) my peers and I did not attack the government and it never crossed our minds to do so. We supported the government, I, urge the opposition to rise above its narrow considerations and unite for the good of the country."

During the hearing, legislators from Labor and Kadima chided Netanyahu over the deadlocked negotiations with the Palestinians, the series of racist legislation proposals, the affair surrounding the appointment of the IDF chief of staff and the financial situation.

Calling out from his seat, Netanyahu responded "where is the Palestinian partner? Why doesn't he come here?," to which Meretz Chairman Chaim Oron replied, "He is 15 kilometers from here and is not coming because he knows he'll receive nothing from you."