Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jacob kornbluh/ J Street - on the Wrong side of the Road

J street identify themselves as being a Pro Peace - Pro Israel group in the US, yet as their an annual conference is taking place it becomes more clear than ever, that by hosting speakers such as activists in the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement, individuals who promotes law fare cases against Israeli officials, and opposition party members that offer no alternative but the removal of the present Israel government. J Street demonstrates that the term “pro-peace” or being viewed as 'Pro Israel" no longer applies to the organization.

Those who participate in this conference or support this organization not only damage or destroy any hope of progress in the peace process, but also contribute and provide credibility to the effort of nullifying the legitimization of Israel.

J street cannot claim its pro peace and pro Israel, when its actions damage the peace process and undermine Israel's legitimate connection to the land by criticizing Israel's current government elected by a majority of the Israeli people. J street should encourage the Palestinians to return to the peace talks and discuss all core issues of the conflict including the future of the settlements in Judea and Samaria.

To blame the Netanyahu government and a citizens of Israel in the stalemate of the peace process is an absurd, first because that is not the case, despite Israel's stretched out hand for peace, despite imposing a 10 Month freeze on Settlement building, the Palestinians have not agreed to discuss a framework for a future agreed settlement, but demand as a pre condition to talks, encouraged by the Obama administration in the early days, and by the Israeli left, hate promoters in left leaning Haaretz newspapers and other media outlets, that if only Israel does this small gesture of freezing settlements, and stop building in the Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem, peace will be achieved in a split second.

As it has been discussed in numerous speeches and Op-Eds - the Settlement issue is not an obstacle to peace. In addition, instability in the region is not because of the Israel-Palestinians conflict, but the danger of the Iranian influence in the region and the uncertainty of the future of the regimes and our neighboring countries surrounding us.

Hence, to claim that the withdrawal of occupied territories, that were captured legally by war , forced on us by our enemies, then the Jordanians the illegal occupiers of the West Bank and Jerusalem from '48, with all the experience we have been through, if its the withdrawal of Lebanon in '00, the Disengagement of Gaza, or the UN 1701 resolution that brought to a cease fire in Israel's effort to crush down the Hezbollah, bringing on Israel 10,000 rockets and missiles, the Hezbollah rearming itself with weapons that cover and target every building and city in Israel, is not only an incorrect argument but an effort of rewriting History and selling out Israel.

Yes, Israel is a peaceful Nation, it is seeking peace, and is doing everything to prove our neighbors that this is the time to seize the opportunity and sign a peace settlement - a viable secure peace, that will bring peace, prosperity and security to both People.

But by refusing to recognize or deny the existence of Israel as the promised Homeland for the Jewish people, to illegitimately onstruct Israel's legitimacy, sovereignty and connection to this land, rejecting any peace proposal from Prime Ministers from the left, center and the right, by refusing to sit down at one table and negotiate Peace and all the issues, this will not become an excuse of destructing the infrastructure of a future Palestinian State and a peaceful society residing side by side in peace and security with Israel.

J-street support for a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel, opposing an American veto, inviting speakers and their organizations that engage in activities that work against the State of Israel, peace and mutual understanding, that are actively involved in the BDS movement, putting Israel and its allies “on trial", and participating and advocating in the de-legitimization campaign conceptualized at the 2001 Durban Conference, is just another sign to prove that J-Street is not Pro Israel ,nor Pro peace, J-street is on the wrong side of the road, and granting it legitimacy and support is giving a hand to those who seek Israel's destruction and undermine its legitimacy and connection to this land.

The Claim of being pro Peace and pro Israel is given to those speaking united in one voice , may offer alternatives and proposals but promote the same message - Israel seeking peace,a viable secure peace, by recognizing our connection to the land and by having the right to defend itself and guard its borders from its enemies and those who seek its destruction.