Saturday, December 5, 2009

Netanyahu against the wind - Poll on Freeze: Netanyahu gave into pressure, will bring more pressure,

(IMRA).Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu decided to impose a ten month freeze on housing construction in Judea and Samaria because he can't withstand American pressure (72%:17%) in order to placate President Obama rather than advance the peace process (68%:20%) and the move will lead to pressure for additional concessions rather than reduce pressure (56%:22%) according to a poll of adult Israeli Jews carried out this Tuesday and Wednesday by Maagar Mohot Survey Institute (headed by Professor Yitzchak Katz).

The poll finds that Netanyahu's move is seen as a violation of his election promises (51%:23) and an abandonment of his principle of reciprocity (52%:27%).

As to Prime Minister Netanyahu's promise that construction will be renewed in ten months, respondents believe (40%:33%) that the freeze will continue indefinitely.