Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Washington Watch: Winners (Netanyahu) and losers (Obama) for 2009

Via Jpost:
• Binyamin Netanyahu - He didn't win the most votes in the last election (sound like anyone we know?) but he got the top job anyway. He deflected American pressure for a total settlement freeze with a partial moratorium. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas insisted on terms he knew Netanyahu couldn't meet and rejected Bibi's invitation to meet him halfway, making the Israeli leader look like the only one who really wants peace.

• Barack Obama - For contracting out health care reform to the Congress, for creating confusing policy on Iran, for getting outfoxed and outmaneuvered by Bibi Netanyahu and for a focus on bipartisanship that never had a chance. Afterrunning an effective campaign to become president, he now needs some first-class legislative strategists to help enact his agenda. Quickly.