Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yediot Poll: PM Netanyahu's approval at 60%

A poll published in Yediot achronot weekly addition newspaper, shows PM Netanyahu holding on to s strong popularity since he entered office 9 month ago, as 60 % of those surveyed said they approve of the way Netanyahu is handling his job as Prime minister, and 35 % disapprove.

Regarding the Shalit deal, 65% approve Netanyahu's handling of the matter and the propsal negotiated with the Hamas.

Do you support the release of hundreds of heavy terrorists and their expulsion in return for Gilad Schalit?
Support 76% Oppose 14%

Do you think that Gilad Schalit will be released soon?
Yes 70% No 23%

Should the public get more information about the deal or does this interfere with the negotiations?
Interferes 87% Information should be released 10%

What grade would you give to the following people for their stand and performance in the Gilad Schalit episode?
Barak: Good 44% Bad 41%
Netanyahu Good 65% Bad 25%
Ashkenazi Good 69%Bad 12%

What grade would you give to the prime minister for his general performance?
Good 60% Failed 35%