Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shavakim Panorama poll: PM Netanyahu's approval at 61%

Telephone poll of a representative sample of 486 adult Israelis carried out by Shvakim Panorama for Israel Radio's Hakol Diburim (It's All Talk) program 16 December and broadcast on 17 December:

What grade do you give to Binyamin Netanyahu for his performance as Prime Minister?
Very good 11.8% Good 49.0%
Not so good 24.3% Bad 11.9%
Don't know/no reply 3.0%

What grade do you give to Livni for her performance as head of the opposition?
Very good 2.7% Good 30.8%
Not so good 32.9% Bad 20.7%
Don't know/no reply 12.9%

What grade do you give to Avigdor Lieberman for his performance as foreign minister?
Very good 11.5% Good 38.1%
Not so good 25.8% Bad 18.0%
Don't know/no reply 6.6%

What grade do you give to Ehud Barak for his performance as defense minister?
Very good 10.6% Good 45.7%
Not so good 23.1% Bad 13.5%
Don't know/no reply 7.1%