Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Praising Netanyahu from the left - Noam Sheizaf/ Netanyahu is carefull in use of Military power

(From a BLOG Post in Promised land blog)......To that we must add the question of the PM’s personality. but from what I observe, Netanyahu – unlike his image – is very careful with the use of military power. During his previous term, when violent clashes occurred between Palestinians and Israelis over the Kotel Tunnel incident, Netanyahu went out of his way to stop the fire. He even hugged Yasser Arafat. Compare that to Ehud Barak’s response to the October 2000 events, or to the Olmert-Livni cabinet, which started two wars.

Sometimes, we should judge leaders by what they do, not just by what they say, and Netanyahu is the only Israeli PM in almost two decades not to start a wide scale military operation against the Palestinians or a neighboring Arab country (and that includes the six months Peres had at the PM office, which were enough for him to start the 1996 operation in Lebanon).

....Yes, Gaza is still under siege – but it wasn’t Netanyahu who initiated it. Israel is still building settlements, but not on the rate previous governments did. Some roadblocks are removed, West bank economy is slightly improving – and for the first time, the world really keeps an eye on Israel’s actions, even in East Jerusalem. Things are far from perfect, even far from reasonable, but at least in the West Bank, they are better than in any other time this decade.....