Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bloggers Grade President Obama's handling of foreign policy

Via Nationaljournal

C: "I am disturbed by the media focus only on Obama's Middle East war policy when there are equally problematic moves happening in Latin America (i.e. relationship with Colombia, Mexico, Honduras)." Maegan la Mala, VivirLatino

F: "What were once bright spots, Iran and Israel, have been languishing under intertia. As for the rest: Gitmo still open; a double-down in Afghanistan; and the troops, lots and lots still in Iraq. Fail." Sean-Paul Kelley, The Agonist

D: "He has treated friends as enemies and enemies as friends. The only thing he has done well is that he has sent extra troops to Afghanistan." Michael van der Galien, PoliGazette

D: "Has he had any successes? The Palestinians still won't talk to Israel and Iran is still moving forward with its nuclear development. He's snubbed a number of our allies." David Gerstman, Soccer Dad

D: "Dissing our traditional allies (like the U.K.), not supporting the freedom-loving Iranian citizens against the mullahs, a failed 'reset' with Russia, getting Honduras totally wrong and telling the Poles 'you're on your own' by yanking the missiles are examples of rank ignorance. Cozying up to our traditional rivals with 'soft power' (giving something for nothing) shows the weakness of that philosophical bent of Obama as well." Skip Murphy, GraniteGrok

D: "Placating the Iranians, Russians, Norks? Check. Apologizing for the U.S.' past actions wherever he can? Check. Bowing to foreign dignitaries? Check. Going to a useless climate conference when manmade global warming is greatly in doubt and the U.S. economy is in shambles? Check. Getting the Nobel Peace Prize for doing next to nothing? Check. Sending more troops to Afghanistan but at the same time setting a deadline for withdrawal? Check." D.S. Hube, The Colossus Of Rhodey

F: "He has started a trade war with China. He has neglected our trade agreements with the Colombians and Koreans. He has treated Europeans with contempt. He bumbled around on Honduras like a drunken sailor. His Iran negotiations with Russia have been fruitless. And all he's done in the Middle East is give a speech in Cairo." Soren Dayton, The Next Right

F: "Obama has alienated our friends and empowered our enemies. His Middle East policy was a humiliating fiasco from which he had to retreat. His silence on the protests in Iran and his decision to firmly back a Honduran president intent on an unconstitutional power grab were both gross moral failings. I think he's managed to exceed Jimmy Carter's foreign policy missteps, if only because he's acted so much more quickly than Carter did to destroy America's standing in the world." Bookworm, Bookworm Room