Saturday, December 5, 2009

Likud MK rebel Hotovely: Netnayahu and Likud are deviating from its path

Settlers in Judea and Samaria will be violating the government order to halt settlement construction, Yesha Council Chairman Danny Dayan said Saturday.

"We will violate the freeze order and we're willing to pay the price," Dayan said during an emergency meeting in the West Bank settlement of Ofra.

Likud Knesset Member Tzipi Hotovely also attended the emergency session, stating that "this struggle is not only over the Land of Israel, but also over the bankruptcy of Israeli democracy."

"Likud is deviating from its path and the prime minister is deviating from his path," she said. "It's a disgraceful and pathetic excuse to say that the American pressure prompted the freeze. This struggle must expand. We must enlist more Knesset members and ministers…We must rouse Likud members."