Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why Israel matters in the NY9 special Congressional election

(Jacob Kornbluh).Being active on the ground (not as some opinion makers sitting on a computer in a comfortable a/c office) speaking with voters, identifying the issues they most resonate with, Israel is playing a large role, not so much against the Democratic candidate David Weprin, but for the simple reason, that president Obama supported by Weprin, has treated Israel very unfairly and unfriendly over the past 2 and 3/4 years.

Support for Israel, and particular in this district, is large among Jews and non-Jews alike, simple because its in America's best interest, as we share common values and strategic security interests...

This election as it attracted so much national and media attention, is an opportunity to send a message to Obama and the Democratic party, that the Jewish vote cannot be taken for granted, that being vocal supportive of Israel or publicly opposing Obama's policies is not enough, it requires extensive pressure and an ultimatum of party line support, to force Obama to change course, and pave a new path in the diplomatic as strategic relationship with Israel.

In addition, the Republican ruled Congress, that Bob Turner if elected will be part of that majority, is very pro Israel, not only in its vocal support for the Jewish state, but in legislative acts, sponsored and co-sponsored by republican freshman that share the passion and support for Israel with the American public.

By electing Bob Turner, a Catholic, strong supporter and friend from Israel, the Jewish voters in NY-9 will have a one in a life time opportunity to shape the narrative of support for Israel, in these challenging times..