Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CNN Poll: American Opposition to Palestinian Statehood Grows

(The Weekly Standard). A new CNN poll shows Americans are divided on the question of creating of an independent Palestinian state in Gaza and the West Bank, with 41 percent opposed, 40 percent in favor, and 19 percent with no opinion. When the question was asked in 2003, Americans supported the creation of a Palestinian state by a 36-point margin:

In its new poll, CNN also asks voters: "As you may know, the United Nations currently grants the Palestinians a status which allows them to speak in the U.N. but does not recognize them as an independent nation or allow them to cast votes. Do you think the United Nations should continue that policy, or should the United Nations formally recognize the Palestinians as an independent nation and admit them as full members of the U.N.?

Fifty-two percent of Americans say the policy should be continued, while 40 percent say the UN should recognize a Palestinian state. CNN notes there's a stark partisan divide on the issue: "Two-thirds of all Republicans oppose U.N. membership for the Palestinians compared to just 41 percent of Democrats.