Friday, September 23, 2011

Bibi "willing to move forward" on the Obama parameters

Ron Kampeas in JTAnews: 

...Much of the immediate coverage post speeches today focused, essentially, on how far apart the sides are, how rude they were to one another...

But listen to this bit just before the end of Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech:
"In the last few weeks, American officials have put forward ideas to restart peace talks. There were things in those ideas about borders that I didn’t like. There were things there about the Jewish state that I’m sure the Palestinians didn’t like." 
"But with all my reservations, I was willing to move forward on these American ideas."
There it is, in public: Bibi is "willing to move forward" on the Obama parameters.

I think it's the major news coming out of today. I may be wrong. We'll see if anyone else agrees.