Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Danny Ayalon tells Newsmax TV: Palestinians Making 'Mockery' of U.N.

(Newsmax). Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon tells Newsmax that Palestinians seeking statehood at the United Nations want a “rubber stamp to their capricious conduct” — and says the U.N. won’t solve anything “the parties themselves do not solve.”

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, Ayalon was asked why the United Nations should not recognize a Palestinian state.
“Because it will make a mockery of international conduct and traditions,South Sudan is the latest country to join the U.N. How did they join the U.N.? After they finished bilateral negotiations. Then they brought it to the United Nations.

“So by trying to put this process on its head, I believe not only Israelis and Palestinians will suffer, but any conflict in the world will become much more intransigent. The U.N. cannot solve anything that the parties themselves do not solve.”

As for Israel’s options if the Palestinians proceed with their statehood effort, Ayalon says:
“If this happens we will have to reconsider our steps. We are not beholden to the obligations according to the [Israeli-Palestinian] agreements. The Palestinians broke these agreements, and we will have to take action according to our interests.

“We may have to wait until there is more reasonable and more sensible leadership on the Palestinian side.”
The number one priority for Israel now “is to continue the peace process with the Palestinians,” Ayalon adds.
“We call upon the Palestinians to stop this unilateral effort and come to the table. We have been waiting for them.

“What has derailed the peace process is the refusal of the Palestinians to come forward and sit with us without preconditions.

“They keep saying no. They’ve always wanted everything, and this approach of all or nothing is the main stumbling block today. And for the U.N. to accept this approach of all or nothing, because they use their automatic majority, not only is it a blow to the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians, it’s also a blow to the image of the United Nations, because if the Palestinians can render the United Nations a rubber stamp to their capricious conduct, this may bode ill for other parties, for other conflicts around the world.”