Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Wave Poll: 55.4% Satisfied w/ Netanyahu representing Israel's case at the UN

(IMRA). Telephone poll carried out by New Wave for Makor Rishon 26 September 2011 of a representative sample of Hebrew speaking Israeli Jews and published on 28 September, 2011 in Makor Rishon:

How would you summarize the past year on a personal level?
Better than last one 29.9% Worse 25.9% Same 40.1% Don't know 4.1%

In general to what extent are you satisfied with life in Israel?
Very satisfied 22.5% Considerably satisfied 46.4%
Not so satisfied 21.7% Not at all 6.7% Don’t know 2.7%

Last weekend there was a clash between Israel and the Palestinians at the UN. Are you satisfied with the outcome and how Israel was represented by the address of PM Benjamin Netanyahu?
Very satisfied 22.4% Considerably 32.9%
Not so much 16.8% not at all 12% Don't know 15.9%

Do you believe that there is a chance to reach a peace arrangement with the Palestinians?
Absolutely 15.7% Skeptical 33.2% Not at all 47.9% Don't know 3.2%

Did you buy a significant electronic item (TV, computer, I Pad)?
Yes 45.7% No 53.6% Refuse reply 0.7%

How would you term your economic situation as compared to a year ago?
Better 15.6% Worse 29.1% Same 54.4% Don't know 0.9%

Do you consider leaving the country?
Yes 11% No 87.9% Refuse reply 0.6%

Are you personally optimistic about the coming year?
Very optimistic 19.3% Optimistic 57.2%
Pessimistic 14.7% Very pessimistic 3.9%

Are you optimistic about what will happen to the state?
Very optimistic 5.4% Optimistic 49.5%
Pessimistic 30% Very pessimistic 7.5% Don't know 7.7%