Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Netanyahu: Israel will stand up for its rights, and present the Truth at the U.N.

PM Netnayahu convened Likud ministers and Knesset members for a festive toast ahead of his trip to New York, where he will deliver a speech at the United Nations General Assembly to counter the Palestinian statehood bid.
In his address, the prime minister vowed to stand up for Israel's rights at the UN.
"I know the reception I received here is much warmer than the one I will receive at the UN, and exactly because of that I think we should go there and present our truth… of a people attacked over and over by those opposed to their very existence. That is the most basic truth."

"We are extending our hand in peace. I said that the way to peace is through direct negotiations and not through unilateral declarations in the UN. In order to reach the end of negotiations, we need to start negotiations. That is something Israel is willing to do and that is something the Palestinians have avoided doing."

"There is growing global recognition of the need to solve the various issues on the subject. We want peace with security arrangements and that means a serious meeting and insistence on our most essential interests is necessary. It is much easier to give in to pressure, much easier to gain applause from the international community by making immense concessions."