Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ed Koch: Obama got the message, I hope he will go further

(WCBSTV). Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, who recently criticized President Barack Obama, saying he was soft on Israel, has now, in the view of some, done a “180″ and is praising the president on CBS 2 with John Slattery on Wednesday.
“I’m not an enemy of President Obama. I like him, always have, campaigned for him, But the fact is I want him to change his position.”

“I said I wanted to send a message. Don’t take the Jewish vote for granted. I think I did send that message.”
When asked if thinks he’s done a 180 on the subject and on his support of the president, Koch said, “I know I haven’t” to each.
“I think his speech was excellent. I applaud it and hope he will go further."