Thursday, August 18, 2011

US: The United States and Israel are united in the fight against terror

The White House White House spokesman Jay Carney said in a statement, denounced the attacks,and expressed hope those responsible "will be brought to justice swiftly."

"We condemn the brutal terrorist attacks in southern Israel today in the strongest terms".

"Our deepest condolences go to the victims, their families and loved ones, and we wish those injured a speedy recovery. The US and Israel stand united against terror and we hope that those behind this attack will be brought to justice swiftly".

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton also spoke out against the attacks:
"The United States condemns today's attacks in southern Israel and all acts of terrorism in the strongest terms. These brutal and cowardly attacks appear to be premeditated acts of terrorism against innocent civilians. Our deepest condolences go out to the victims, their families and loved ones.

This violence only underscores our strong concerns about the security situation in the Sinai Peninsula. Recent commitments by the Egyptian government to address the security situation in the Sinai are important, and we urge the Egyptian government to find a lasting resolution.

The United States and Israel are united in the fight against terror. We hope that those involved in the planning of these gruesome attacks will be brought to swift justice. We stand by Israel as our friend, partner and ally -- now and always".
Statement From Bob Turner - republican Congressional candidate for Sep. 13th election in NY9 district, on Today’s Terror Attacks on Israel:
“My deepest sympathies go out to the Israeli people today who again have suffered a detestable terror attack on their soil, which Hamas is already praising. It is a reminder of blind hatred arrayed against our Mideast ally – and of America’s moral obligation to stand steadfastly beside the brave Israeli people.”

“Meanwhile, the Obama Administration continues to send American tax dollars to the Palestinian Authority, which in turns pays terrorists in Israeli prisons for their murderous deeds. All U.S. Funding should be cut off to the PA until payments to terrorists stop.”

“Ten years after 9/11, the evil of terrorism continues. We must remain vigilant.”