Monday, August 1, 2011

Netanyahu: Despite our willingness ,Abbas determined to declare Palestinian State at UN

Prime Minister Netanyahu told the Foreign affairs and defense committee that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is determined to bring Palestinian statehood to a UN vote in September.
"Abbas made a strategic decision to go to the UN, because the price for him will be low, For us, recognition of a state will only pass through the security council."

"We are working to ensure a US veto in the UN Security Council, but that will not prevent a majority in the General Assembly, unilateral steps [by the Palestinians] will distance peace, not bring it closer."

"we are interacting with the US to put together a document [for an agreement with the Palestinians] using language from [US President Barack] Obama's second speech, Such a document would say that final borders would not be on pre-1967 lines".

"The Israeli goal is direct negotiations with the Palestinians, without preconditions, There have been attempts to find a way to start talks, but it does not seem to have great chances."

"I am prepared to meet Abbas at any moment – even tonight, However, this will not happen because the Palestinians want to go to the UN no matter what, and declare a state without making compromises."

"Israel is a real partner for peace, Israel proved its willingness to negotiate by freezing construction in settlements and taking down checkpoints".

"No one can say that the Israeli side did not show willingness to negotiate, as opposed to the Palestinians, who have never been willing to compromise, even in the time of Oslo".

Netanyahu also mentioned Turkey, saying that the government is "checking whether or not to apologize."

"An apology would protect our soldiers, but will not prevent lawsuits from Turkish citizens".

"I expressed sorrow at the lives lost, but it is important to say that the soldiers acted in self-defense".
He also expressed optimism that the Palmer Committee's findings on last summer's flotilla incident will "put Israel in a better place."