Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Channel 10 investigative and political reporter: Social Protests Media Driven

Channel 10 investigative and political Reporter Raviv Drucker told Army Radio on Tuesday, that the high-profile 'social protests' that have dominated the airwaves are a result the Israeli media's political agenda.
"Without a doubt the media have a political agenda,The way the media has pushed this protest is unprecedented."

"It's more a protest by the media because media people identify with struggles in general."
Drucker opined the the Israeli media's solidarity with this particular protest resulted from two factors.
"Most media people are middle class. Many work hard to succeed in their jobs and still live with their parents".

"No doubt there is also a political agenda. Most media people think Bibi is a prime minister whose policy shows a lack of vision. The media wants to stir up resistance to his rule to effect change."