Monday, August 22, 2011

PM's spox: 'PA silence over terror raises questions about statehood'

The Palestinian silence regarding Thursday’s terrorist attack in the South was “deafening,” and raises serious questions about the Palestinian Authority’s readiness for independence, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s spokesman Mark Regev said Sunday.
“The Palestinian leadership’s failure to condemn Thursday’s attack against civilians raises serious questions about their readiness for independence, and their commitment to fight terrorism,Their silence was deafening.”
Regev said the goal of the military actions in Gaza was twofold: “One, to prevent the launching of missiles and rockets on Israeli cities; and two, to target those responsible for attacks on Israelis.”
"Netanyahu instructed the military to make pinpoint, surgical attacks, adding that every possible effort must be made to avoid harming Gaza’s civilians who are not our enemies.”
"15 of the 16 fatalities in Gaza since Thursday’s attack in the South have been 'legitimate' targets. Our response is measured and surgical".