Thursday, August 4, 2011

Israel's tent protest reaches the White House in Washington - Natasha Mozgovaya reports

(Haartez). A group of Israeli artists has organized their own tent protest outside the White House in Washington, in a show of solidarity with the social protests that have swept Israel in recent weeks.

“We are a band called ‘Punk Hapoalim,’ we came to Washington to set up the first tent protest outside the White House,” one of the protesters, Yaron Atar, said.
“As we found out that it is illegal to pitch the tent, we decided to walk with our tent held up in the air. We started the march around the White House carrying a sign that says 'the people demand social justice' in Hebrew, as this is the symbol of the protest in Israel. In this way we are showing our solidarity with the protest and struggle in Israel, and bringing them to the attention of the American public".
In the video below, Natasha Mozgavaya interviews some of the tent protesters outside the White House. The video starts in Hebrew, but click ahead to hear some of the interviews in English.