Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mike Huckabee: Obama has "radically" changed Middle East policy; 2 State solution is unrealistic

Mike Huckabee The former Southern Baptist pastor and former governor of Arkansas, recently finished his 64-city book tour for his book A Simple Christmas, Huckabee spoke with Christianity Today during his tour in mid-November about the Middle East and here is what he had to say on Obama's Mideast policy towards Israel:

(CBN- The Brody file)....I would give up the naïve idea that we're going to obtain peace by continuing to press the Israelis for abandonment of their own land and giving up levels of their security. That's unrealistic and unworkable. We need to give up assuming there is some way in which peace can be obtained by forcing the Israelis to yield over both real estate and security while getting nothing in return. The second thing is the Palestinians have not even acknowledged the existence of Israel as rightfully existing. Until that happens, I think we should discontinue any serious conversations about peace. There's not going to be any.

You can't have two states occupying the same piece of land. If a two-state solution means two states are occupying the same piece of real estate, that's unrealistic. The United States would never accept it if the Canadians began to lob rockets into Buffalo, New York, or Detroit, Michigan. There's no way the Americans would say, "Well, you know what, maybe we should give up major parts of Buffalo and Detroit, and if we do, the Canadians will be nicer about it. And in fact, why don't we just have joint government in Detroit and joint government in Buffalo." There's not a single breathing American who would accept that. Nobody. And yet we're asking the Israelis to accept that for Jerusalem and for major portions of their country. That's why I say we're asking of others what we would never tolerate for ourselves.