Saturday, December 5, 2009

Haaretz Editorial: Bibi, don't give in

(Haaretz editorial)......This is the time to tell Netanyahu: Bibi, don't give in. The prime minister's willingness to take a political risk and go head-to-head with his own supporters to advance Israel's foreign-policy interests was a correct, albeit small and hesitant, step on the road to realizing his vision of "two states for two peoples." He must not be deterred by settler protests and pressure from Likud ministers. Further development of the settlements is damaging and unnecessary. Even if Netanyahu is halting it in order to pacify U.S. President Barack Obama, it is important that he stick to his decision and not water it down.

Netanyahu is correct in demanding that the settlers limit their protest to legal means and respect the decision of an elected government. He must serve as an example to the settlers and not deviate from his own decision by making sure that any new construction in the settlements is halted. Moreover, he must tirelessly continue his efforts to renew the peace process with the Palestinians