Friday, October 16, 2009

Turkish vice PM: Israel ties will remain strong

(AFP).There is no political intent against Israel in a Turkish TV series that has angered the Jewish state, local news agency Anatolia reported Friday, quoting Turkey's vice prime minister.

"There is no political goal. None of our TV series have any political motivation," Bulent Arinc, who is in charge of overseeing public television TRT, was quoted as saying Thursday evening.

The series broadcast by TRT "may partly reflect reality. It can also be a bit exaggerated, but it is a TV series, after all," he added.

He clarified that as the person responsible for public television, he doesn't want to see "a TV series to lead to a diplomatic problem.

"Relations between Turkey and Israel have always been strong. We are fully confident that they will always remain strong," he said.

Arinc added, however, that "if we made a mistake ... if we find something (in the series) which might prejudice the interests of the nation, we may consider the matter, both TRT and the government."