Friday, October 23, 2009

George Gilder: "Benjamin Netanyahu is the Greatest leader today of the West ''

(Source: Makor Rishon newspaper).The " guru " of the Hi tech industry in United States, and who was the economic next adviser of President Ronald Reagan, a speech writer for President Nixon, George Gilder, has become lately a very strong supporter of Israel, and recently wrote 2 books describing Israel and its amazing contribution to the World.

This week he was a guest in Israel being present at the President conference in Jerusalem. He spoke in front of a limited group of experts in relevant policy, communication and economy, and among his words, he had to say the following:

"... Israel is necessary today to the American industry and to maintain her Globalism , a continuation to the contribution of the Jews in the 20th century. Therefor its Forbidden for the United States to lose Israel. Interpretation of this will be a sunset, and a end of the world respect to the attendance of America, and we will not be in the position of the Worlds leadership."

"Benjamin Netanyahu another gift of Israel to the western culture. He is the Greatest leader today of the West".

"What is known is that he guided administration Reagan in the subject of fighting terror.but what is less known is, that Bibi is the Biggest economic leader today. He has full control of Industrial economy ,There is no better leader that understands the economy so good, He (Netanyahu) ts the current leader of the West, and its worthwhile that he himself knows this too ".