Thursday, October 29, 2009

US congressman Burton: We must act, or Israel will

(Ynet).Israel may strike Iran should the United States fail to take prompt action to curb Tehran's nuclear program, Rep. Dan Burton said Wednesday.

Speaking at a session of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Burton warned that Iran continues to enrich uranium, adding that Israel will not allow the process to continue. The slower America acts, the more it risks the prospect of seeing a military clash in the Middle East, he said.

Similar sentiments were recently expressed by French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, who stressed the urgency of reaching an agreement with Iran over its nuclear program in order to lift the risk of a pre-emptive Israeli strike.

"They (the Israelis) will not tolerate an Iranian bomb," the French FM said In an interview with the British Daily Telegraph, published Monday.

Also at the session, Rep. Brad Sherman said that the US will freeze anti-Iranian decisions only after Tehran suspends its nuclear plan.

Meanwhile, Committee Chairman Howard Berman said that while he is not happy to enforce solely American sanctions and endorses President Obama's dialogue efforts, the diplomatic effort will have to show results soon.

Berman added that should dialogue fail, the next option he would favor is tough sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council. The third option will be sanctions imposed outsides the framework of the Security Council, in case Russia or China will express objection in the UN. The least favorable option in his view is sanctions imposed by America only.