Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obama aide Gen. Jones: U.S. commitment to Israel is not a slogan - Our unshakeable bound is to ensure that Israel is treated fairly

(Haaretz).U.S. National Security Adviser General James Jones told participants at the J Street conference on Tuesday that the Obama administration believes "without equivocation" that "Israeli security and peace are inseparable."

Addressing delegates to the left-leaning pro-Israel group's conference in Washington, D.C., James declared that the Obama administration was steadfast in its commitment to Israel and was determined to help bring about an end to the conflict in the Middle East.

"Time is not necessarily on our side - the imperative for peace is now, America's commitment to Israel is not just a slogan and not something we signed on easily."

"This commitment for Israel and peace is as strong as ever in the face of the many challenges in the region,If I could advise the President to solve one problem among the many problems - this would be it. This is the epicenter, where we should focus our efforts... Our unshakeable bound with Israel is to ensure that Israel is treated fairly."

Jones told the delegates that while some of the U.S.' goals regarding the Middle East were moving along, there was still much work to be done. Primarily, he said, the sides must agree to resuming peace negotiations without preconditions.

"We made some progress towards the goal we set but we must do much, much more," he said. "It's time to re-launch negotiations without preconditions".

"We cannot forget people of Gaza and humanitarian situation there and the people of Southern Israel," Jones added. The task ahead will not be easy, there will be false starts and setbacks, but we'll get there."