Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Netanyahu calls on Abbas to 'end this conflict once and for all', The time has come for peace

(JPOST).Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday night called for the world to reduce its dependence on oil, at the opening of President Shimon Peres's 'Facing Tomorrow'

In his address to the gala opening of the Presidential Conference, Netanyahu urged the Palestinian leader to tell his people: "The time has come to end this conflict; tell them that the time has come for two nations to live side-by-side in peace and security."

"I believe that peace with the Palestinians is possible, but that requires brave leadership on both sides," he said.

"I ask of you," Netanyahu added, directing his remarks at the Palestinian leader, "something I have not even asked of myself. We must discuss peace as soon as possible, and I am ready to do so. But these cannot be closed talks. We must say these things to the world, to our people and to the Palestinian people."

Switching to English, the told the audience, "It's possible to change the world," a possible echo of US President Obama's campaign slogan, "Yes we can."