Friday, October 23, 2009

A perfect Birthday gift for Bibi- Poll: Israeli's give high marks to Netanyahu Gov't; Likud support increases

As PM Netanyahu celebrates his 60th Birthday, after 7 month in office he can celebrate achieving his goal so far, getting the support of Nearly two thirds of the public , his growing popularity and the approval of his Gov't handling in all of the issues, with a strong Coalition and no alternative , he has all of the time to serve out his term without fear, as The next general election should be held in November 2014.

According to a poll published in today's newspaper Yediot achronot Netanyahu is popular and Israeli's are satisfied with the current situation giving their approval on all the issues concerning the daily life in Israel.

66% approve Netanyahu's foreign policy approach and handling the Issue , 60% approve him handling the Security issue, 51% approve him handling the Economy while 43% disapprove.

If elections were held today Likud support would increase by 6 seats to 33 (current 27)to become the largest party in the Israeli parliament, Kadima would get same 28 seats, and Labor would lose 6 seats and get only 7 seats.

Forty-one percent think that Netanyahu is currently the most suitable figure to be Israel's premier, while 31% would like to see Kadima leader Tzipi Livni in his place against only 7% for Barak