Monday, October 26, 2009

Israeli radio persona Dudu Elharar: Ariel Sharon is an evil oppressor

"Ariel Sahron is an oppressor…he deserves the gravest punishment under heaven." These statements were made by musician and radio presenter Dudu Elharar during an interview with a Peace Now activist who pretended to be a documentary filmmaker, as part of the movement's project of exploring the extreme right movement in Israel.

Elharar later told Ynet that he stands by what he said, adding "I was even kind and merciful."

During the interview, which was held in Elharar's home, the radioman said of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, "I so wish he would suffer. (He's) just a scoundrel, a cheat and probably a thief."

He later went on to compare Sharon to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. "The first time I felt burning hate was for Arik Sharon. Hitler, I thought he was crazy, he's not normal – a thousand and one things you could say about him. (But) this is pure evil of the most revolting kind – malicious and whoring. Whoring in the sense that he cheats and cons people. Disgusting. He would never be forgiven."

Elhrarar later told Ynet that he was referring to Sharon's actions in Gush Katif, during the Gaza Pullout. "He acted violently and forcefully, went against his voters and evicted them along with their children and small babies."

Asked whether the harsh sentiments he expressed towards Sharon are also directed at his family members, Elharar replied a resolute "sure" and noted that all those who voted for Sharon will be punished. "The Arabs will get to them all," the musician said.

Elharar is currently working as a musical producer and has previously hosted a program on Army Radio. He became involved in a legal battle after an attempt to fire him.