Friday, October 16, 2009

Former NY mayor Ed Koch: Iran is a threat to the Wolrd; Israel needs US cooperation for self defense

(Newsmax).Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, one of Barack Obama’s biggest backers during the election campaign in an interview with Newsmax TV correspondent Kathleen Walter.

Walter asked Koch about another threat in the Middle East: Iran and its nuclear capabilities. This week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Russian officials the United States would back off pushing for sanctions against Iran despite mounting evidence it has the potential to develop a nuclear bomb.

“I believe if Iran is allowed to get a nuclear bomb, it is a huge threat to not only Israel but (also) the United States — parts of it — to Europe and to our Arab allies: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states. The problem we are facing is that the Russians and Chinese do not want to cooperate with tough sanctions.

“What we have to consider is permitting Israel or any other state that feels in danger (to act in) self-defense, but they cannot do it by themselves. They need the cooperation of the U.S. and NATO states as well, and they’re entitled to it."