Thursday, August 6, 2009

Livni appointee Nadav tamir slams Israel's relations with US

(IsraelMatzav).Israel's consul general in Boston, Nadav Tamir, a man whose service in the foreign ministry began under Shimon Peres (1993) and was a Advisor to the Director General where he served until his appointment to the position of Consul General of Israel to New England - lashed out at the government on Thursday due to its handling of the US-Israel relationship.

(Jpost).In the three-page letter, entitled "Sad passing thoughts on Israeli-US relations," Nadav Tamir wrote that the perception of a conflict between Israel and the Obama administration was harming US public support for Israel, and causing it more damage than the Second Lebanon War or Operation Cast Lead.

"The way in which we are conducting the relationship with the US government is causing Israel strategic damage. The distance created between us and the Obama administration has clear implications on Israeli deterrence," Tamir was quoted as writing.

The Israeli consul went on to say that narrow political considerations were contributing to the deterioration of the ties. "There are people in the US and Israeli politics who ideologically oppose [US President Barack] Obama, and are willing to sacrifice the special relationship between the two countries in order to advance their political agenda."

He also took the government to task for making differences with the US public, while Washington was trying to downplay them. "There have always been differences in the stances of the two countries, but the governments were careful to make sure they were coordinated," he reportedly wrote.

"The atmosphere of confrontation between the Israeli government and the Obama admin. puts the American-Jewish community, which is so important to us, in a difficult position," he wrote. "Many of them are distancing themselves from the state of Israel because of this conflict."

The Prime Minister's Office issued a statement saying Tamir's letter was "not worthy of a response." At the same time, one senior source characterized the letter as "unprofessional," and said the title of the letter, as well as the fact that it was widely distributed, demonstrated that it was meant to make public Tamir's political opinions."It is a unfortunate that an Israeli diplomat launched this type of an attack on Israel policies, attempting to cause deliberate harm," the source said.