Friday, December 4, 2009

Nuclear detector set up on Iran border

(Jpost).Israeli officials believe the international community is "starting to come to the understanding that Iran has been lying to everybody" about its nuclear intentions, a senior Israeli diplomatic official told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

The statement followed news of a UN agency completing a nuclear test detection station in Turkmenistan, just a few kilometers from the Iranian border.

The PS44 installation is the 337th facility of the International Monitoring System. It was set up by the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), a network of stations across the globe that monitors the atmosphere to detectnuclear blasts by countries secretly testing nuclear weapons.

There have been more than 2,000 nuclear test explosions worldwide since the Manhattan Project's Trinity trial in the US in July 1945. The last detonation occurred May 25, when North Korea said it conducted a test, an event that was detected at 61 of the CTBTO's seismic stations.

While the Turkmenistan site is part of a larger network, the opening of a station near Iran may signify that "the Iranian issue is finally gaining ground in the international community," according to the Israeli official.

More proof of this came when the board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) voted to censure Iran, on November 27, for failing to cooperate in international efforts to verify its claims that itsnuclear program has peaceful intentions.

"Luckily, Iran itself is decimating the efforts of even its most vociferous defenders to help it avoid international criticism," the Israeli official said.