Monday, December 7, 2009

Livni criticizes Settlement freeze - giving the Palestinians another excuse to delay talks

When PM Netanyahu says its day , Livni acting as Opposition leader says its night, since doing her biggest mistake in not being able to create a Government, Livni does not miss a opportunity to place herself left then left, acting as if she is in middle of a election campaign , not even considering acting as a stateswoman when it comes to Israel's interests, while Netanyahu's policies enjoy a broad public support, Livni decides not to back Netanyahu's recent moves in order to advance peace talks, and instead of supporting the Gov't in showing the world that Israel is UNITED and serious in negotiations and peace, and drag the Palestinians to the negotiation table, she is giving them another excuse to drag time and stand by their pre conditions, by claiming that netanyahu is not acting on Israel's interest because He doesn't make a difference between the large settlement blocs and the others, what does she want that Netanyahu should announce all concessions and compromises before peace talks even start? when everybody knows that Netanyahu is ready to make tough decisions but the future of all settlements will be discussed at negotiations table only, and asl ong as the PA does not agree to even start peace talks, this issue is not to be discussed , rather then look at the broader picture of Netanyahu's latest moves that were not given by any previous Gov't.

Via Ynet:
Opposition Chairwoman Tzipi Livni said Monday that the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's settlement freeze plan will defer any final decision on the future of the West Bank outposts and settlement blocs.

Speaking in a Kadima faction meeting, Livni said that "every time I hear the prime minister tell settlers 'we'll weather this freeze together' and that it is just a temporary move, it means that there is no decision on the matter.

"Unfortunately," she continued, "when this government speaks of Gush Etzion and Migron in the same breath it means Israel's interests to keep the blocs in tact are compromised."

Livni further accused the government of deceiving itself and the public: "If the prime minister says 'we'll weather this together' it means one of three ill possibilities – the government is either undecided on the need for a deal, it's deceiving itself, or it's deceiving the public."

In order to keep Israel's interests things must be made clear, Livni concluded, adding that "if the only reason (for the settlement freeze) is to satisfy the US, the result is indecision."