Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Demonstration planned on Friday outside US embassy - for Jerusalem the United Capital of Israel

The organizer of the demonstration is Navon Katsav attorney at law, and a council member of the Likud Party in Azor: “We will demonstrate in front of the US embassy in Tel Aviv with a clear voice to President Barak Obama that Israel is a democratic nation, and we are calling upon President Obama to respect the sovereignty of the State of Israel and her independence in its decision making”.

The Israeli Government has the right to decide it’s destiny without pressure from other nations.

USA is Israel’s best allies in the world, and as such Israel stands with the USA against terror,
For freedom and sovereignty; we hope that the USA President will respect ours.

At this time in History we are standing for :
Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, and the center of our spiritual Jewish life for 3000 years.

Jerusalem is the City of King David and we want to keep her free for everyone.
Only Under Israeli sovereignty we have freedom for all religions.

We are calling upon President Obama to respect 1994 Congress resolution, and move the US Embassy to Jerusalem as promised.

Israel ties with the USA are strong and our friendship is real and we share the same values as: Liberty, freedom and Democracy.

We are hoping that President Obama will do it share to sustain Israel at this challenging time.
Israel faces an incredible task to fight terror, to keep the Israeli Children safe and free.