Thursday, November 12, 2009

Olmert: Goldstone Report 'hypocritical' : Peres: Richard Goldstone is a small man

(JPOST).Former prime minister Ehud Olmert spoke out against the Goldstone Commission's report on Thursday during a ceremony unveiling a new 9/11 memorial erected in the Arazim Valley near Jerusalem's Ramot neighborhood.

Olmert asserted that the report was part of what he termed a "self-righteous and hypocritical campaign" against Israel by bodies such as the UN.

"I know that today there are those who ask questions about the wisdom and necessity of carrying out the fight against these terrorists," he said.

Olmert stated that although Israel, the US and other countries involved in the fight against terror targeted the terrorists' leaders, civilian casualties were inevitably caused by the complexity of asymmetrical warfare.

"It does occur in the course of this war that people that are uninvolved in war are affected by it," he said.

"There is one dramatic difference which we always have to bear in mind between the victims that we memorialize today and those who were unfortunately affected by acts against the terrorists," stated the former prime minister.

"When [terrorists] attack, when they commit suicidal attacks, the main purpose is to kill innocent civilians and through this to achieve chaos and anarchy and a loss of sense of direction by our countries."

Olmert used the platform to call for perseverance in the fight against terror, adding that the Goldstone Report needed to be taken in stride.

President Shimon Peres was also critical of Richard Goldstone, calling him a small man with no sense of justice, Israel Radio reported.

Speaking during an official state visit to Brazil, Peres reportedly went on to say that nations which voted in favor of the Goldstone report at the UN made a mistake and hurt Israel.