Thursday, November 26, 2009

Likud Min. Livnat: We are in the hands of a terrible U.S. admin.; PM Netanyahu denounces Livnat comments

(Haaretz).Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday denounced the negative remarks made by Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat (Likud) about the Obama administration.

Livnat on Thursday slammed the government's decision to agree to a 10-month settlement freeze. She also criticized the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama and said, "I do not envy the prime minister.We have fallen into the hands of a terrible U.S. administration."

Criticizing the move at a Likud conference in Be'er Sheva, Livnat said, "No Israeli government has ever made such a decision, and I ask myself what are we getting from it?"

"This is a unilateral step,we know that the Palestinians will not enter into negotiations with us.Within a week,construction will start on housing units (in the West Bank) that had been previously approved, and then we will be accused of being cheaters and scoundrels.

"I know the prime minister is in distress; it is not easy to stand up against the US president, after the latter dragged him through a series of torments".

"I feel uneasy with this unilateral decision; no one will appreciate it, and we will only get slammed for it,"

Netanyahu denounces Livnat comments about Obama administration

"Livnat's remarks in no way represent the stance of Prime Minister Netanyahu," a statement from the Prime Minister's Bureau said.

"The prime minister has stated many times the appreciation he has for the strong bond between the U.S. and Israel, which continues with the Obama administration," the statement continued.

The Prime Minister's Office said Minister Livnat's comments against the US administration "do not represent the prime minister's position at all. The prime minister has expressed his appreciation for the strong bond between Israel and the United States time and again – a bond that continues to remain strong throughout President Obama's administration.

"(Netanyahu) also thanked the president and his administration for their commitment to Israel's security and the pursuit of regional peace," the PMO statement read.