Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SIGN THIS PETITION - Mr. Obama - Please Respect the Israeli sovereignty

Sign this petition directed to Obama by Navon Katzav-Likud candidate for Knesset 19

Mr. President of the United States of America, Obama,

Please Respect the Israeli sovereignty, democracy and the elected government in Israel

And stop Pressure the elected government of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu and stop telling them which decisions they should take and where the citizens of Israel can build their homes and where not.

Mr. President Jerusalem is the holy and undivided capital of the Jewish people and Israel and will stay as is forever
The Israeli government is entitled to and must decide on policy when pressure is released, and a sober view of reality and the good of the country and its citizens safety and injury prevention.

Is it conceivable Mr. Obama that you will agree that the President of the Soviet Union or any other state leader will tell you and your government which decisions you should take ? And where can the citizens of the United States of America can build their homes and where not ?

You Should Mr. Obama make the Iranian nuclear issue and the threat of radical leader like Ahmadnigad that want to destroy the State of Israel a top priority of your energies and the rest of the world, and not the issue of construction in Jerusalem the Israel's holly and united capital

Mr. President, A great clock stands above us , ticking. The significance of a nuclear weapons producing by Iran the a state that is the maim sponsor of terrorism and terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas is a real danger not only to the safety and security of Israel but to the safety and security of the all world and to the safety and security in the Western free world In particular!

Ahmadinejad will not hesitate to use weapons of mass destruction. The world must set him an ultimatum and act immediately.

And, as was already said by the British -Irish philosopher Mr.
Edmund Burke:

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is good men that do nothing."

The American people and the people of Israel, Mr. President Obama are sharing true friendship with many years and share the same values of ,democracy, Liberty , freedom, Humanism and brutal war Against terror. The terror that struck on September 11, thousands of innocent American citizens.

Let us strengthen this truth friendship that fighting together against terror and against radical regimes threaten world peace

May God give might to his people, may God bless his people with peace!

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Navon Katsav , Attorney of Law.
Council Member City Town Of Azor- Likud Party